Willy O. Webs, L.L.C.

Advantage Custom Builders


Chad Keune at Advantage Custom Builders needed a web site that would immediately grab a web user's attention while at the same time serving up client-maintainable data. Using input from Chad and Shelley at Advantage Custom Builders, we created an eye-catching site that enables them to keep the look-and-feel fresh -- any time they want, day or night, they can log in and updated pictures and data.

When web visitors query Advantage Custom Builder's database of properties via the user-friendly Home Search, they are presented with a clean-looking and informative property page which includes property information, photo gallery and mobile-friendly QRCode.

This is Advantage Custom Builder's second project with us. We are happy to have them as a return client.

Novak Heating & Air Conditioning


We were excited when Randy Novak at Novak Heating & Air Conditioning, a previous client, contacted us with a challenge to redesign their current site to incorporate updated navigation, more vibrant colors and relatively new features such as social networking and fading images.

Working with Randy, we were able to take his suggestions and preferences to form a set of requirements that represented his needs. Periodically, during the design process, the work-in-progress was made available to Randy to let him visibly see the progress and provide any feedback necessary

We feel that repeat customers such as Novak Heating & Air Conditioning are a testament to the client-centric approach we take. From simple email updates to periodic prototype access, we feel the more communication that occurs during the process, the better we are able to meet what it is that our clients are envisioning.

Hammer Built, L.L.C.


Shannon Flickinger at Hammer Built, L.L.C. is yet another return client. Recently Shannon expanded his Remodeling, Building and Consulting business by starting a second company. He felt this was a logical time to update the look-and-feel of his main site and, at the same time, use that new look-and-feel as a guide for his second business.

We worked with Shannon to incorporate his feedback, ideas and preferences into a design that could be used to upgrade his existing Hammer Built, L.L.C. site as well as serve as the design for his new site, BathHelpers.com.

One specific need that Shannon had was with regards to graphical media. He needed the ability to have a customizable image gallery in addition to being able to serve up video to his visitors. We were able to arrive at a solution which incorporates both Flickr and Youtube. Shannon now has full control over the gallery folders, images, and videos that are served up on his website.

We're happy to have Shannon as a return customer.

Bath Helpers


Shannon Flickinger, owner of Hammer Built, L.L.C. recently expanded his buisness offerings by starting BathHelpers.com, a business which specializes in analyzing the needs of people with physical disabilities in order to help provide them with home modifications that keep them safe yet independent.

Shannon presented us with the opportunity to not only create a website for his new business, but to also incorporate that look-and-feel into his existing website.